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Recorded in 1986, and released the following year on the FALL OUT label, "F.O.A.D." is the most iconic of Broken Bones records. (Re)joined by the original singer Nobby, and Exploited guitarist Karl egghead Norris, this studio/live LP is pure 80s thrash metal hardcore madness. Even though the band ground to a halt right after, reforming in 1989 and going strong until today, "F.O.A.D" was the unheralded harbinger of all kinds of extreme metal released in the last 30 years.

2015 reissue from Radiation Reissues (Italy. Sealed import.

A1 F.O.A.D.
A2 Kick Down The Doors
A3 Teenage Kamikaze
A4 Programme Control
A5 S.O.T.O.
A6 Missing Link
A7 Best Of Both Worlds
B1 Never Say Die
B2 Decapitated 1+2
B3 Problem
B4 Secret Agent
B5 Liquidated Brains
B6 Gotta Get Out Of Here
B7 I.O.U. Nothing
B8 Seeing Through My Eyes
B9 Annihilation N° 3