PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES "The Loud Blaring Punk LP" (2018)

RRS 95
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2018 release from Radiation Reissues (Italy). Sealed import.

A1 Oral Annie
A2 We're Too Drunk
A3 Pick Yer Nose (And Eat It)
A4 Vicars Wank Too
A5 Snakebite
A6 I Lust For The Disgusting Things In Life
A7 Tupperware Party
A8 Breast Cancer
A9 T.Q.G.G.B.J.'s
B1 Student Wankers
B2 Big Mouth
B3 Child Molester
B4 Porno Queen
B5 Being Sick
B6 Excuses
B7 Beat Up The Mods
B8 Get 'Em In (And Get 'Em Off!)
B9 Rock 'N' Roll Is Shit