SLAPSHOT "16 Valve Hate" LP

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2018 re-issue by Backbite Records with reworked artwork. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl. Comes with black poly lined inner sleeve, thick cardboard lyrics sheet and download card. Imported.


A1     Watch Me Bleed     
A2     How Much Can I Take     
A3     Secrets     
A4     Do What You Want     
A5     16 Valve Hate     
A6     Teach Me To Kill     
A7     Johnny Was     
B1     The Truth Hurts     
B2     Desensitized     
B3     108     
B4     I Want You Dead     
B5     Big Mouth Strikes Again     
B6     L.O.S.E.R.     
B7     If You Had (Bonus Track)     
B8     I Knew I'd Lose (Bonus Track)