4 SKINS "The Wonderful World of the 4 Skins" LP (2020)

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Originally released by Link Records in 1987, this is the latest (2020) reissue from Step-1 Music (UK) on classic Black vinyl. Shrink was opened to check color/version only! Imported.


A1     One Law For Them     
A2     Yesterdays Heroes     
A3     Clockwork Skinhead     
A4     A.C.A.B.     
A5     I Don't Wanna Die.     
A6     Seems To Me     
A7     Low Life     
A8     On The Streets     
B1     Plastic Gangsters     
B2     Evil     
B3     1984     
B4     Sorry     
B5     Five More Years     
B6     Jack The Lad     
B7     Wonderful World     
B8     Chaos