999 "The Sharpest Cuts" LP

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Streeting on Black Friday 2019! High Energy sounds from the Boys In The Gang! Gutterwail Records remasters and delivers the best tracks from 1993-2007 albums distilled from CD's only available in Europe, plus 2 previously unreleased live versions of their best known hits. 

A1 Black Flowers For The Bride
A2 All Of The Days
A3 Stealing Beauty
A4 Signed Dangerous
A5 Last Breath
A6 It's Over Now
B1 Absolution
B2 Crazy Crazy Crazy
B3 Bomb You
B4 Gimme The World
B5 The Avenue
B6 Boys In The Gang (live at WFMU New Jersey)
B7 Nasty Nasty (live)