ADICTS, THE "Twenty Seven" LP (2018)

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For the first time on vinyl, this great album originally released on CD format only, featuring 18 superb pop-punk tracks in their inimitable style! Include printed inner sleeve with lyrics! Only 400 copies on Black vinyl. Sealed import!


A1 Angel
A2 Love Sucks
A3 Do It
A4 That's Happiness
A5 Shangri-La
A6 Football Fairy Story
A7 Rossini
A8 Breakdown
A9 Give Me More
B1 Fuck It Up
B2 G.I.R.L.
B3 What Am I To Do
B4 Rockers In Rag
B5 Let's Dance
B6 7:27
B7 Bog
B8 Monkey & Kid
B9 Give Me More (Reprise)