NB 5200-2 LP
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"GET LOUD!" is well suited as the title for their 12th, full length studio album. For such a memorable album, the reappearance of "Cause for Alarm" artist Sean Taggart was vital in order to deliver a piece of art that perfectly combined the old school with the current state of the world. Bringing the "Cause for Alarm" characters back to life in a new age, the artwork will be familiar to AGNOSTIC FRONT fans the world over, but still maintains a modern freshness. Red vinyl.


A1 Spray Painted Walls
A2 Anti-Social
A3 Get Loud!
A4 Conquer And Divide
A5 I Remember
A6 Dead Silence
A7 AF Stomp
B1 Urban Decay
B2 Snitches Get Stitches
B3 Isolated
B4 In My Blood
B5 Attention
B6 Pull The Trigger
B7 Devastated