AGRESSION "Don't Be Mistaken" LP (Clear/Blue)

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Originally release in 1983 by Better Youth Organization. 2022 version remastered from the original tapes by Dave Gardner. Includes a 20-page booklet with exclusive photos, memorabilia, flyers, interviews and "the Agression Story" as told by John Reis. Cobraside variant is a clear and blue cloud vinyl edition, limited to 1000 copies. Features bonus live 7" recorded live at Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach, CA.


A1  It Can Happen
A2  Brain Bondage
A3  Non Person
A4  Body Count
A5  Money Machine
A6  No Mercy
A7  Don’t Be Mistaken
B1  Intense Energy
B2  S.A.T.C
B3  Locals Only
B4  Insomnia
B5  Secret Sex
B6  Stop The Clock
B7  Cat Killer