CHELSEA "Faster, Cheaper & Better Looking" Double LP

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2016 Limited Edition double LP reissue on White vinyl from Let Them Eat Vinyl (UK). Sealed import.


A1     Living In The Urban UK     
A2     Sod The War     
A3     Bad Advice     
A4     New Utopia     
A5     Cosy Family Way     
B1     Sliding Down A Stream     
B2     K.X.L.U. (Radio)     
B3     We Don't Want It     
B4     45 RPM
C1     Ritalin Kid     
C2     And I Love You     
C3     If We Knew Then     
C4     Mr. Ferry's Son     
C5     Home     
D1     Answer To The Question     
D2     I Fought The Law     
D3     White Riot     
D4     Do We Really Care     
D5     Linoleum