COURT MARTIAL "No Solution: Singles & Demos 1981/1982" (Colored)

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Obscure British punk quartet Court Martial formed in Bristol in 1980, part of the same scene that gave rise to Chaos UK, Vice Squad, The Partisans and Anti-Pasti. This comparative compilation captures the group at their rawest beginnings, surveying the unfiltered demos they cut before signing to Riot City Records, as well as the more professional efforts that resulted in the 12-inch singles “No Solution” and “Gotta Get Out.” The material finds our heroes switching between fast ‘n’ furious diatribes and fuzzy dirges, and alternating the demos with the singles allows us to witness their progression. More great early 80s Brit punk!
2023 release from Radiation Records (Italy). Limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl. Imported.


A1  Your War
A2  Gotta Get Out
A3  Fight For Your Life
A4  Young Offender
A5  No Solution
A6  Too Late
A7  Take Control
B1  Your War
B2  It's My Life
B3  Violent Confederation
B4  Different Society
B5  Its Your Life
B6  Different Society