D.I. "What Good is Grief to a God" LP (Orange)

ND 40154-1
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What Good Is Grief to a God? was D.I.'s third full-length studio album, released in 1988, and available on vinyl for the first time in over 30 years! The songs reflect the band's proto-typical mixture of punk rock and clever lyrics. Features the track "She's Obscene" which was previously only available on CD. Limited edition Orange vinyl (500 made). Sealed.


A1     They Lie, You Die / Fatso Nero     
A2     Terrorist's Life     
A3     Sinning Artist Max     
A4     They Must Want To Die     
A5     Girl Scout Camp     
A6     No Mistakes     
A7     She's Obscene     
B1     Shadow Of A Fool     
B2     The Puppet     
B3     Don't Do It     
B4     Witch In The Canyon     
B5     Wanderings Of A Giant