DEADBOLT "Tijuana Hit Squad" LP

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Deadbolt comes from San Diego, California and is billed as "The scariest band in the world." They do a creepy brand of surf rock/psychobilly. Tijuana Hit Squad was originally released on CD in 1996, and finally remastered and released on vinyl in 2018 by Pig Baby Records. Sealed.


A1     El Perversio     
A2     Tijuana Hit Squad     
A3     Convict Man     
A4     A Hit Gone Wrong     
A5     You're Just Like Me     
A6     I Remember You
A7     Conductor     
A8     Last Time I Saw Cole     
B1     The Day I Got My Spine Back     
B2     Devil Took Mrs. Jenkins To Hell     
B3     She's A Snake     
B4     Going To Witchata     
B5     Prison Shank     
B6     The Interview     
B7     Dad Why Did My Friends Explode