DICKIES, THE "1977 - A Night That Will Live In Infamy" LP (White)

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Limited edition White vinyl release from Cleopatra Records. Factory sealed!


A1     Hideous     
A2     I'm OK, You're OK     
A3     Give It Back     
A4     Got It At The Store     
A5     Walk Like An Egg     
A6     Loose Lucy     
A7     Can Ya     
B1     Sounds Of Silence     
B2     Poodle Party     
B3     Curb Job     
B4     You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)     
B5     Hideous (Demo)     
B6     I'm OK, You're OK (Demo)     
B7     You Drive Me Ape (Demo)     
B8     Walk Like An Egg (Demo)