OI POLLOI "Pigs For Slaughter LP

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Originally released on CD only in 1996, now available for the first time on vinyl from Step-1 Music (UK). 2021 Limited edition Black vinyl version, 250 made. Imported.


A1     Pigs For Slaughter     
A2     Never Give In     
A3     Stop Vivisection Now     
A4     You Cough They Profit     
A5     Reach For The Light     
A6     Rich Scumbag     
A7     Stop The Bloody Slaughter     
A8     Thrown On The Scrapheap     
A9     Unite And Win     
B1     They Shoot Children Don't They?     
B2     Free The Henge     
B3     Break The Mould     
B4     The Right To Choose     
B5     Take Back The Land     
B6     Hunt The Rich     
B7     Meine Augen     
B8     D.I.Y.