REAGAN YOUTH "It's a Beautiful Day ... For a Matinee" LP (Splatter)

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Deluxe SPLATTER vinyl pressing of this live and rare compilation originally released on CD only in 1997! Contains 13 tracks recorded at several of CBGB's legendary Sunday hardcore matinees in 1983, plus 5 early studio recordings! Includes all the early Reagan Youth classics: "USA," "Degenerated," "Reagan Youth," "I Hate Hate" and more! 2019 limited edition release from NRA/Cleopatra Records. Factory sealed.

A1     It's a Beautiful Day (CBGB's 6/25/83)     
A2     Degenerated (CBGB's 5/29/83)     
A3     Go Nowhere (CBGB's 3/5/83)     
A4     New Aryans (CBGB's 3/5/83)     
A5     No Class (CBGB's 3/5/83)     
A6     Urban Savages (CBGB's 3/5/83)     
A7     Brave New World (CBGB's 3/5/83)     
A8     USA (CBGB's 12/17/83)     
A9     I Hate Him (CBGB's 5/28/83     
B1     Acid Rain (CBGB's 12/17/83)     
B2     Anytown (CBGB's 12/17/83)     
B3     Are You Happy (CBGB's 12/17/83)     
B4     In Dog We Trust (CBGB's Rat Cage Benefit 11/20/83)     
B5     Reagan Youth (Spring 1982- First Recording Session)     
B6     USA (10/82- Second Recording Session)     
B7     I Hate Hate (5/83- Fourth Recording Session)     
B8     Degenerated (5/83- Fourth Recording Session)     
B9     Brave New World (11/82- Third Recording Session)