SLAPSHOT "Greatest Hits, Slashes and Crosschecks" LP (2018)

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This is a real Best Of album by Boston's leading hardcore-machine (existing since 1985!), fully packed with 22 tracks, all newly recorded for this album with 2 exclusive tracks which were never released before on other albums on a bonus 7"! Gatefold jacket. 2018 limited edition reissue from Street Justice Records (Germany), limited to 500 copies. Sealed import.

A1 Crossover Sucks
A2 Shoot Charlton Heston
A3 Firewalker
A4 Chip On My Shoulder
A5 Say Goodbye
A6 What's At Stake
A7 I've Had Enough
A8 Punk's Dead, You're Next
A9 The Day My Thoughts Turned To Murder
B1 Back On The Map
B2 Step On It
B3 No Time Left
B4 No Friend Of Mine
B5 Hang Up Your Boots
B6 Straight Edge In Your Face
B7 Another Mistake
B8 Watch Me Bleed
B9 L.O.S.E.R.
C1 Secrets
C2 Silence
D1 16 Valve Hate
D2 Olde Tyme Hardcore