TEAR UP "Playground Politics" LP

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UK Oi! Originally self-released by the band in 2017 (CD only), “PLAYGROUND POLITICS” features 12 tracks which have a laugh and have a say, accompanied by a sound that takes you straight back to the 80’s. No-nonsense and straightforward assaults follow each other up in a rapid pace and the result? A dozen of classic-sounding British Oi! anthems – including The Business’ “The Real Enemy” (speaking of classic anthems...) – for skins, punks, hooligans and nutters worldwide! Now let’s fuckin’ ‘ave it! 2018 Black vinyl LP release from Rebellion Records, limited to 300 copies. Imported.


A1     Playground Politics     
A2     King Of The Carpark     
A3     Fuck Boy     
A4     Deadbeat Dad     
A5     Jimmy Saville's Greenhouse     
A6     Bollocks To The Smoking Ban     
B1     Not Big Not Clever     
B2     This Is England     
B3     Dodgy Dave     
B4     One Of The Faces     
B5     Binge Drinking Britain     
B6     The Real Enemy