CHARGED G.B.H. "City Baby Attacked By Rats" CD

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Captain Oi! 2002 jewel case reissue. Remastered version with bonus tracks! One of the finest British Hardcore Punk albums of all time - which reached #17 in the UK National Charts back in 1982! Sealed import!


1    Time Bomb    
2    Sick Boy    
3    Wardogs    
4    Slut    
5    Maniac    
6    Gunned Down    
7    I Am The Hunted    
8    City Baby Attacked By Rats    
9    The Prayer Of A Realist    
10    Passenger On The Menu    
11    Heavy Discipline    
12    Boston Babies
13    Bellend Bop    
Bonus Tracks    
14    No Survivors    
15    Self Destruct    
16    Big Women    
17    Am I Dead Yet?    
18    Slit Your Own Throat    
19    Sick Boy (Single Version)