CROWN COURT "Trouble From London" LP (Clear Black Smoke)

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Real British Oi! Everything the band has recorded (apart from the 2 full-length records) from 2014 to 2023 on 1 LP. 16 tracks taken from their demo, singles, eps and split releases, including a previously unreleased track that was recorded in the 2015 "The English Disease" session. Lyric sheet included. 2023 release from Rebellion Records. Black Smoke vinyl version, limited to 500 copies. Imported.


A1    TFL
A2    Hammer A Nail
A3    BTP
A4    3 Stretch
A5    Style Identified
A6    Away (Gilpin Rock)
A7    No Paradise
A8    Jack Jones
A9    We Made You
A10    Redeal
B1    On The GGs
B2    Mad In England
B3    Fight Or Fall
B4    Sect Fifty Nine
B5    The Scum
B6    Rich Boy