DECRY "Falling - The Best Of" LP (Purple)

CLP 2177
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2015 compilation reissue from Cleopatra Records. Includes 3 tracks from the "Symptoms Of Hate" EP + Falling 12" + "Warlords" ("Half Skull" Comp.7)". Limited edition PURPLE vinyl version. Sealed.


A1     Resurrection     
A2     Strapped In     
A3     Sorority Girls     
A4     Warlords     
A5     Falling     
A6     Raven     
A7     Suburban Death Camp     
A8     Breakdown     
B1     Frontier Of Evil / Charred Remains     
B2     S.D.H.N.C.     
B3     My Bloody Dream     
B4     American Way     
B5     Subject To Change     
B6     Asylum     
B7     Making The Grade     
B8     Sonic Reducer