OLD FIRM CASUALS "For The Love Of It All..." LPx2

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Originally released in 2011, this double LP compiles The Old Firm Casuals' early singles and EP's (with the exception of their debut EP). These 24 tracks are far and away the best display of out-of-the-gate talent and momentum shown in the punk and Oi! scene in a long time. This is one album that deserves to remain available for new fans and diehards alike. Obviously due in large part to the talent of the decorated punk rock veterans that make up this outfit, The Old Firm Casuals have become a staple in their own right, and tour-by-tour have become a crowd favorite all over the world; writing a slew of incredible records along the way. Their live show is as energetic and exciting as they get, and the tunes are timeless and just seem to get better and better.
2017 Black vinyl Double LP reissue from Pirates Press/Randale Records.


A1        We Want The Lion's Share
A2        The Rabble
A3        Army Of One
A4        A Gang Like Us
A5        We Don't Bury Our Dead
A6        Ignorant Ones
B1        The Wire
B2        Skinhead
B3        Bloodsucker
B4        We're All Gonna Die
B5        You Better Start Runnin'
B6        I Remain
B7        Violence In Our Minds
C1        Public Enemy
C2        Death Dealers
C3        Red White-N-Blue
C4        Love Street Kid
C5        Rat Race
C6        D.M.D.P.
D1        Born Criminal
D2        Gag Order
D3        Don't Worry About Me
D4        March On
D5        For The Love Of It All...