VARIOUS ARTISTS "British Oi! - Working Class Anthems" LP (Blue)

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2020 compilation reissue from 84 Records (UK) on limited edition Blue vinyl. Sealed import!


A1 Boisterous         Working Class Man     
A2 Resistance 77     Brains Of The Nation     
A3 Blank Generation     Out Of My Head     
A4 Pressure 28         Kids On The Move     
A5 Condemned 84     Child Killers     
A6 Close Shave         Can't Get Away     
A7 Straw Dogs          Justice     
A8 Section 5         See Through The Eyes     
B1 Boisterous         Birds, Beer And Boisterous     
B2 Resistance 77     Rich 'N' Hated     
B3 Blank Generation     Clockwork Nightmare     
B4 Condemned 84     When Saturday Comes     
B5 Close Shave         Rollin' On     
B6 Straw Dogs          You're Gonna Die     
B7 Pressure 28         Oi!'s Alive     
B8 Section 5         Fuck Off Now